Who we are.

Grassroots Advocacy and Education

New Hampshire Death with Dignity is a grassroots advocacy group supporting passage of a medical aid-in-dying law for our state. Modeled on Oregon’s time-proven Death with Dignity Act, these laws provide peace and comfort to terminally ill adults who qualify. 

New Hampshire Death with Dignity launched on September 27, 2019 with the goal of generating and sustaining well organized, vocal grassroots support for state legislators working to pass a death with dignity law in our state. We want our citizens to understand the facts regarding this important end of life option.

The law supports those who need it most: terminally ill adults capable of making their own health care decisions who want to have the option available to them. Nothing more, nothing less.

Vermont passed Act 39, The Patient Choice and Control at End of Life Act, in 2013. The Maine Death with Dignity Act went into effect in 2019.

We think New Hampshire’s terminally ill adults should have access to the same end-of-life liberty our neighbors enjoy.